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Bienvenida al lado oscuro de la fuerza.

Merry Christmas to us! 8 grams in a heart plus 2grams in pins. Gotta love it<3

ugh it’s like a christmas miracle 

Went on another short heroin binge…

for the first time in 3 months. i used every day/every other day only snorting, but it’s crazy. it’s such an expensive habit, especially when you get ripped off by the junkies who sell you the dope. the worst part was how since i stopped using so frequently, and since i had to taste it, i puked almost every time i used. i hate that. i realized yesterday that the best way to go about it is to snort your mud pile, then smoke some bud directly afterward. it either prevents the vomiting completely or makes it hold off for a few hours. plus it’s a good combination high. when the bud wears off, you’ve still got your dope high. 

but today i’m off smack for the first time in a week and i feel kinda shitty.

mostly i’m just irritable and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. i haven’t ever experienced withdrawal and from seeing other people go through it, i know it’s not what i’m experiencing. my body just feels run into the ground. it sucks. either way, there’s your junk update. 

also, i tried Tina somewhat recently and had a crazy sexual experience involving doing crystal off each other’s genitals. it was some wild shit. but i didn’t really get into Tina cos uppers and I usually only get along for a little while, then I’m back to downers. I feel like I can only really feel the full affect of downers and weed. everything else seems too subtle or just keeps me up forever. 

Still hoping to try speed soon…

just found a possible lead, I’ve got the money, i justt need to find the scante. until then…just continuing to randomly get blow and do it for no reason lol


ghost buddies!

(aka some of the best drugs I’ve had the pleasure of coming across)

Happy friday to ME!

They might be off the molly (eh)

Stay high 👍💥

ab-n0rmal asked: where do you live?

Well, with all the incriminating info on this blog id like to keep that a secret, but somewhere in the Midwest.